Gray's Anatomy Premium Edition App Reviews

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Nur Englisch

Die App trägt Greys Anatomiebilder zusammen. Jedoch ist keine Sprachwahl möglich (nur englisch). Für den Preis aber ganz nett.


wrong post, Ill be back!


identica alla versione student, non acquistatela

Illustrations correctes mais...

peu de texte et surtout l’onglet traduction n’apparait pas! J’ai acheté cette version plutôt que celle gratuite pour avoir la traduction, résultat néant! très décevant!


Once downloaded the main page opens and that is it. No menu items function. I have closed app, restarted my computer nothing works. The app store has no link nor does the app itself to the developer for assistance. I next will google the distributor to see if I can locate someone that can assist.


Hatte mich gefreut dass es in mehrere sprachen verfügbar ist. Bitte um update bei den sprachen und zwar deutsch und griechisch.

you get what you pay for

Very poor

nul pas de traduction possible (remboursé)

Je naurais jamais acheté lapplication, si je ne pensais pas quil y avait des traductions possibles! Dans laperçu il y a un onglet traduction en français, mais dans lappli celui-ci nexiste pas

Sprachen? Venensystem?

wo bleibt das Menü um Srachen einzustellen?

e il multilanguage support?

le tavole sono belle, ma la descrizione dellapp è sbagliata. è impossibile cambiare la lingua. i link per il sito del produttore e il supporto sono introvabili. questa è mancanza di correttezza nei confronti degli utenti.

Needs to cover ALL the systems!!

This app isnt enough! Id like this to have diagrams of all the systems so i dont have to buy any more medical apps.


スクリーンショットのように言語を選ぶことはできません。同じ会社のSurgical Anatomy Premium Editionというアプリでは言語選択はできますがgoogle翻訳をオンラインで読み込むだけですので、今後言語選択ができるようになったとしても日本語での説明を期待している方は買わない方がいいでしょう。 英語で良ければ安くてこれだけの解剖図を見られるものはなかなかないので悪い選択ではないでしょう。

There is no problem with zoom or scroll

The complaints im reading say zoom is broken… On my mac book pro, and i suspect this would work with a magic mouse on a desktop too, I can zoom by pinching out on the touchpad, and i can move the image by hovering the cursor over the image, then using the two fnger push-to-scroll.. If that is the only fault of the app, the app has no fault, only faulty users...

A great App that needs a great update!

This app has so much potential, the illustrations are very high resolution and the included text is very informative; it is Grays after all. This recipe for med-student perfection is, however, undone with one catastrophic flaw… The zooming mechanism. The illustrations move off screen the more you zoom in, eventually disappearing from sight completely. This alone wouldnt be such an inconvenience, but the problem arises in the fact that you cannot scroll in any direction what-so-ever. Please update this app to fix the problem, it is very good otherwise. I would give it 5 stars if it didnt have this issue. P.S. it would be nice to have Retina support as well, just saying. -A Med student


El único problema que tengo es que no me muestra la opción de cambiar de idiomas como aparece en las imágenes, lo demás, una muy buena aplicación, excelentes imágenes, muy detalladas.

Great app with MAJOR FLAW

This application is excellent with the exception of one major flaw that makes it useless: as noted by other reviews, when zooming in on an image, it does not center and renders half the image off the screen with scrolling capabilities not responding. Aside from this flaw, Id give this app a 4 or 5 star rating. Until this issue is fixed, the app is worthless.

problème traduction

Bonjour, Cette appli est très complète et les dessins sont magnifiques. Je rencontre cependant un problème avec loption traduction. En effet longlet nest pas présent sur le coté et je ne peux donc pas traduire les mots en français. Quelquun peut-il maider ? merci

Needs one fix!

The app is excellent in terms of content (obviously, its Grays). It, however, has an issue with zooming. Once you try to zoom in on an image (you cant see the writing if you dont zoom), the image does not center and it is lost to the side of the screen where you can no longer see it. The scroll function also does not work to correct the loss of the image. If this problem were fixed, the app would receive five stars. Please fix this problem soon as the app is essentially worthless without being able to zoom.

Ma dove sono i pulsanti per la traduzione?

Il programma è bello.. ma rispetto allimmagine che avete postato, ci sono 2 pulsanti in meno… ho io la versione sbagliata??

Keine Translatefunktion

Diese Programm verfügt über keine Translatefunktion. Die Sprachen können wie oben angegeben nicht eingestellt werden. Evtl. Wird hier nicht diese Version 1.3 zur Verfügung gestellt. Wie kann man bitteschön etwas verkaufen, dass in der Beschreibung anders dargestellt und beschrieben wird.

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